Tank container operator


OVZ-Trans Joint Limited Liability Company is a company-resident of the Republic of Belarus performing the functions of container tanks’ operator and a forwarding agent.


Activity direction

The Company’s major activity is arranging bulk liquid cargoes transportation by rail, road and by sea while employing its own container tanks (container tank cisterns)

What We do

Organization of transport and rental

The containers from the stock possessed by OVZ-Trans JLLC are used primarily when arranging transportations with the participation of an operator. A part of the stock of containers are leased on a long-term basis.


Own tank - containers

  The Operator has available a stock of special-purpose railway platform cars intended for conveying large-tonnage containers. All containers possessed by the Company are manufactured after 2010.

The registered containers’ owner international code (BIC) is OVZU.

In the course of carrying out its activities the Company mastered multimodal itineraries for transportation of bulk liquid edible and chemical cargoes in containers throughout the territory of Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, EU and Middle East countries. 


The Company’s container stock is composed of stainless steel container tanks for transporting chemical cargoes (type 22Т6, instruction number UN T11, UNT14, dimensions1СС) and of container tanks for transporting uncooled liquid gases (type 22К8, instruction number UN T50, dimension 1СС).

The stock of container tanks of OVZ-Trans JLLC has been generated and is replenished with the cargoes manufactured by Osipovichi Carriage Works JV CJSC  (the Republic of Belarus, Osipovichi town) on the basis of the design documentation developed by Metalcomposit Research and Development Center LLC (the Russian Federation) - type Т11, Т14 and development of "SURETANK LTD" (Ireland) - type T50.

A major stock is composed of containers for conveying chemical cargoes. There is available a limited number of containers for conveying edible cargoes (type Т11), which are not used for transporting bulk liquid technical cargoes .  


A Certificate of State Registration
A Certificate of a Member of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
A Certificate of Own Works and Services
BIC Certificate